Minutes of General Meetings



April 7, 2011 
General Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 by Bob Hamilton, club president. Members stood for the Pledge of Allegiance. Twenty two attendees were counted.

Two guests were recognized: Bob Westfall and Joe.

The February minutes were approved as distributed.

Dale Diamond, club Treasurer, reported a current balance of $2764.87. Receipts during the last month were $60 dues and $100 toward the scholarship fund.

Jim Dooley, membership chair, reported 44 paid members, including three renewals at the meeting. Connie Freese and Michele Bain volunteered to help with future telephone tree calls.

Bob Hamilton reported that we have $700 in the scholarship fund. $500 will be offered to a scholarship candidate this year. The Board voted to carry over $200 toward next year’s scholarship. Scholarship information has been posted at Fallbrook High, but the person coordinating was not able to attend so current information was not reported.

Regarding the proposed high school Democratic Club, the person who had previously offered to coordinate withdrew for personal reasons. We will look to form the club at the beginning of the next school year.

Isabelle Diamond announced she will hold book reading sessions from her new book at the Fallbrook Library April 30 beginning at 2:00 P.M.

Bob Hamilton announced that our club charter was renewed and has been received. Also he encouraged people to visit our Facebook page and place comments there to keep it fresh. Other announcements were:
Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the new DNC chair
The FDR Convention takes begins April 16 –keynote speaker is CO. Gov. Hickenlooper 
The CDP convention will be in Sacramento April 29- May 1
OFA will hold a rally to support workers April 15 in Oceanside

Jack Confrey reported that FDC will again have a booth at the April 17 Avocado Festival. He asked for additional volunteers to cover an afternoon time slot, and received same. He said that OFA will also provide volunteers, and he expects to have some Latino and youthful participants at the booth.

Bob Hamilton reported the Board authorized purchase of a club cell phone which will allow us to have a permanent number. Estimated costs are $20 for the phone and $100 per year usage charge.

The next club meeting will be May 5. The guest speaker will be William Lerach, well known for his class action lawsuits against corporations.

Bob announced that old cell phones may be recycled and donated to troops overseas who can use them to call home.

FDC Board needs include: voter registration, fund raising and sales, campaign office funds, Go Team Coordinator, precinct captains, picnic committee chair. Michele Bain reported that she is planning to hold a Christmas party at her home.

Connie asked for someone to open the facility and provide coffee for the July meeting. Two persons volunteered.

Bob introduced guest speaker Socorro Donadio, Community Relations Officer for the U.S. Border Patrol. Ms. Donadio provided facts and figures about the mission, strategy, operations, and results of the organization. She also was able to provide answers to a number of questions from the audience. She reported that at border checkpoints agents may request secondary inspection based on suspicions, but probable cause is needed to question people under other circumstances. Data supplied indicated that the fences and enhanced border technology has reduced the flow of illegal border crossers (118,721 arrests in 2009, 68,565 in 2010).

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25.

Recorded by Jim Dooley

GENERAL MEETING – March 3, 2011


Meeting called to order by President Bob Hamilton at 7:08 pm.

Members stood for the Flag Salute led by Vice President Jack Confrey.

B. Hamilton:  Welcome to new members and guests: “Alec,” a returning member; Lance & Karen Eddy; Eric Suggs (first –time visitor). Invitation to join; request to members to pay dues.

B. Hamilton:  Request for motion to approve February Minutes.  Motion by M. Bain; seconded & carried.

D. Dimon:  Treasurer’s Report: February opening balance of $2632.37; deposit of $235 (dues & scholarship donation); payments of $202.50 for Avocado festival booth rental and $75 dues to the Chamber of Commerce.  Ending balance of $2589.87.

B. Hamilton:  Review of the Budget Report (handouts of proposed Budget). Highlights include source of Income from increased membership and proposed fundraisers estimated to generate $100 or more in these categories:  sale of merchandise, picnic, holiday dinner/party, other events, contributions to scholarship fund, campaign office and “50/50” raffles.  Picnic & holiday dinner/party ticket sales are break-even events.

Expenses are projected based on historic costs for miscellaneous categories.  The Scholarship is funded with $100; balance to be raised by donations & fundraising, as is the Campaign office.  Advertising is budgeted at $500 to support outreach efforts to boost membership and dues income projections.

B. Hamilton:  Discussion of Budget: Q&A.  Request for motion to approve; C. Freese so moved; seconded, passed.

B. Hamilton: April meeting/potential speakers TBD; May meeting- Bill Lerach (sued Enron for $7billion).  Request to members to reach out to invite guests to the May meeting. (Jess Durfee noted that the HBO movie “Smartest Guy in the Room” featured Bill Lerach).

ANNOUNCEMENTS: FDR Dinner (flyers passed around). Sign up on website; silent auction donations request.

CDP & SDCDP D.E.M. Star Fundraising events (flyers)

Set Sail to Victory Cruise:  (Jess Durfee) www.DemCruise.com Dec 3-10, 2011 Mexican Riviera, Holland America Line. Cost starts at $670 pp/double occupancy.

CDP Convention:  April 29,30-May 1, 2011.

Welcome Letter; Abelino suggestion

Facebook: appeal for posts to FDC page.  A. Strahan described 30-day pop-up ad to bring FDC exposure.

Rally:  J. Confrey-OFA March 19, Winchester & Margarita, Temecula. Asked for voice vote on FDC support for the OFA & Teacher’s union rights to the collective bargaining process.  Approved by members.

Avocado Festival:  J. Confrey passed signup sheet; appealed for volunteers on April 17.

Board slots open:  B. Hamilton requests volunteers for sales, ad-hoc, picnic, & outreach committees.

High School Club:  S. Cooper announced a March 4 deadline for stating our funding level to FUHS;

 Suggests the FDC establish a 501 C-3 fund for 2012 to enable tax deductions for donors. Discussion:  Margaret

Wernet suggests a signup sheet for instant pledges; done. Comment that pledges need not be paid tonight.

Quarry:  L. Davis updates change of RC Planning Commission meeting to April 26th at 4pm at the Rancho Community Church on Hwy 79 South. Appeal to members of importance of attending. Bob reinforced impact on Fallbrook if quarry is approved; asks for other items of New Business (none).

B. Hamilton:  Introduction of speaker, Jess Durfee, SDCDP Chairman for seven years; elected to national Democratic Committee; has been a guest at the Obama White House.

Jess Durfee

            Navigating the New Landscape(of CA politics): Democrat statistical performance in 2010 election.

            Redistricting:  (Proposition 11, 2008) Citizens’ Redistricting Commission; all districts redrawn at State Level.  Mandate to be as compact as possible & protect communities “of interest”, based on economic, industry, agriculture and color, without regard for political party registration.  New commission to establish template for next 10-30 years.

            Commission Demographics:  Makeup is 5 Democrats, 5 Republicans, 4 DTS; 7 each men & women.  Racial composition: 36% Asian/Pac Islander, 21% Latino, 21% white, 14% African American.  Problems with composition include high % of Asians due to random selection; high income levels, and equal # of Dems & Republicans, despite fact of more registered Dems.

            Process:  Public hearings, draft of districts, draft hearings.  Final approval by August 15 from 3 reps in each category, or process goes to CA Supreme Court (6 of 7 justices are Republican).  The challenge for SD county is to keep AD 78,79 & 51 contiguous as minority/majority district.

            Compensation:  Redistricting committee members receive estimated $180,000 plus have $7million allocated for tech & admin services.  Colleges will set up labs around CA for public participation.

            Open Primaries are Here:  Proposition 14 allows voters to pick any candidate, and candidates do not have to show party affiliation on ballot.  Top 2 candidates will move to General Election in November.

Q&A:  Issues with Prop 14 include a lack of Democratic turnout for primaries, especially in LA & San Francisco.

Too many Democrats in future primaries will divide votes; elections will become more expensive.  Endorsement will be moved up to endorse earlier (historically not made until after March filing date).

B. Hamilton:  (Following photo with Jess Durfee and presentation of FDC speaker’s mug) Asked members to turn in Jack Confrey’s sign up forms for the Avocado Festival; announced that Scholarship funds pledged tonight by members totaled $600.  Also announced that Mary Thurlow will be leaving Fallbrook this year, creating a leadership void for the GO Team—we need volunteers.

Request for motion to adjourn; motion made, seconded, passed by vote.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Davis, Secretary


GENERAL MEETING – February 3, 2011


President Bob Hamilton called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm with a welcome to members & guests.

Bob remarked that at almost every meeting of the Democratic party that he has attended or seen on television that they start the meeting with the Flag Salute and asked how the audience felt about that. Bob asked if there was a motion for the FDC to start meetings with the flag salute. Motion made; 2nd and passed (after floor request for a show of hands) with 11 opposing.  Members rose & Bob led the flag salute.

B. Hamilton:  Introduction of 2011 Board & Committee Chairs followed by announcement of open Committee positions.

J. Dooley:  Membership Report stated that 29 dues have been paid for 2011; 73 members were paid as of year-end 2010.  Jim requested members to visit the membership desk to pay after the meeting and to update contact information.  FDC has 140 members with email contact and additional 100 members with phone, but no email.  Jim asked for volunteers to contact those members by phone.  Discussion with Ronnie Branson and Bob requested that the GO Team work with phone volunteers to increase attendance and voter turnout.

B. Hamilton:  Noted that speaker Lori Saldana was running late and was expected at 7:45pm.

D. Dimon:  Treasurer’s Report for YE 2010 showed total receipts from all sources including dues, contributions, scholarship fund, picnic and holiday events at $3005.  Expenses associated with those events as well as County Committee, Club Charter dues, Avocado Festival booth rental, speaker travel, club mugs, contributions to SDP & candidates was $3254; current account balance is $2632.  Dale stated fiscal goals for 2011 based on projected membership increase at $3700 receipts and $3500 expenses.

B. Hamilton:  Asked for a motion to approve expenditures of $60 for Club charter fees and $75 for Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce dues, which affords a discount in booth rental for the Avocado Festival.  In response to questions about the relative value of CofC membership from Abelino Lopez, Jean Dooley; and discussion of the value of participating in the Avocado Festival, Bob affirmed his & the Board’s position that membership benefited the FDC in community perception; and participation in the Festival has been a primary tool for voter registration.

C. Freese:  Motion made to approve the expenditures; 2nd; carried by voice vote.

Kathy Ford:  Appealed for signatures on a concept petition to establish a credit union in Fallbrook.  Signatures to be sent to all credit unions in the area to show support in Fallbrook.  Petition circulated.

B. Hamilton:  Asked visitors and new members to introduce themselves:  David commented that he was a 10-yr FB resident; Richard wants to find other Democrats in FB.  Jim Dooley noted there is a form at the membership table for enrolling in the FDC database.

C. Freese:  Community service announcement of a free hazardous waste collection event on 2/12, 9-3pm; flyers available at the table and notice to be posted on the FDC website.

L. Davis:  Liberty quarry hearing moved to Rancho Community Church, Hwy 79 South, Temecula, on April 27th at 4pm.  Notice is posted on FDC website; future updates at March & April meetings.  Appeal to members to appear at hearing; number of supporters will make a difference.

B. Hamilton:  Thanked members for their votes for him in recent SD County ADEM delegate election; He was elected to ADEM with the most votes (31) but he lost the election for Executive Board rep to Doug Dye. Bob was subsequently elected as a delegate by the San Diego County Central Committee and he feels he has a good chance of filling a probable

vacancy for E-Board so Bob has resigned as ADEM d66 delegate so that another person can participate; that he may get to the County Executive Board. Noted that 4 or 5 vacancies exist on SD County Central Committee. The club is entitled to an associate membership (we can observe and participate but not vote).  Normally, the Club President holds another membership, but Bob is already a member and Jack Confrey will be his alternate, leaving the Club’ s associate membership as an open vacancy.  Bob also noted that in non-election years, the County Central Committee meets only on alternate months with regional meetings  in the interim months. Associate members can vote at the regional meetings.


B. Hamilton:  CDP annual fundraiser on April 16 at the Holiday Inn on the Bay, San Diego (Eleanor & FD Roosevelt dinner).  Members are invited; flyers at the table.  Also announced the State Convention 4/29- 5/1, Sacramento.  Attendance encouraged as observers. . It’s interesting and fun and you get to meet a lot of elected officials and it is a learning experience  Avocado Festival is April 17; Jack Confrey will organize participation.  Bob also encouraged participation in County and State Party efforts, including fundraising.  March 3rd FDC General Meeting will feature Jess Durfee to speak about redistricting and Prop 14, the open primary.  Noted that there is a flyer on the table of State & County Democratic Party organization.


B. Hamilton:  Sandi Cooper & I have met with FUHS and  they are well under way to forming a Democratic Club at Fallbroook High School (applause).  Now, through Angelique, FDC is on Facebook.  Google FB Democratic Club to see announcements; sign up and “friend” the Club.


J. Crews:  Comments re:  Egypt’s demonstrations and John McCain’s support of Obama’s handling of the crisis.


Kathy Ford:  Announcement of fundraising opportunity through purchase of “scrip” from Major Market.  The Market will donate $7 for each $100 scrip purchased for your cause; urges members to utilize the program.

Isabel Dimon:  First book recently published and available through Barnes & Noble & Amazon. Title:  “Karachi, Dacca and Back”, the biographical story of Isabel seeking her children.


B. Hamilton:  Introduction of Lori Saldana (arrived 8:08pm):  Served 76th Assembly District 2004-2010; organized the first Earth Day; served on Wetlands Advisory Board; candidate for 2012 39th State Senate District (Christine Kehoe will time out).


Lori Saldana:  Introductory comments; focus tonight on the 2011 California State Budget.

OVERVIEW:  CA global ranking is 8th in 2008 @ $1.84 trillion GSP.  Our shortfall in 2010 is $24.5 billion; proposed new taxes  - $12 billion; proposed attional cuts - $12 billion.


PAST STRATEGIES:   (under 20 years of Republican Governors)

1994 debt was $14 billion under Governor Wilson who passed $7 billion in taxes & $7 billion in cuts:  result was strong recovery, aided by information technology growth.

In 2003, under Schwarzenegger, a $15 billion debt was addressed by the Gov’s Economic Recovery Bond ballot issue.  For every $1 of debt approved, repayment would cost the state $2, resulting in a future shortfall of $15 billion.


HOW DID WE GET HERE? Worst recession since 1930s, however CA’s dominant cost driver has been prisons & their healthcare costs associated with incarceration.  Those costs have risen in the past 10 yrs from $2 to $10 billion, annually.

Education, public healthcare and social services comprise the largest percentage of the state budget, serving 7 million K-12 students and a growing number of seniors predicted to double within 5 years.

GOVERNOR BROWN’S BUDGET:  Long range plan proposes $84.6 billion spending in 2011-2012.  Focus on renewable and clean energy jobs.  Key to its success is passage of June ballot request to authorize continuation of $12 billion in current taxes, needed to maintain K-12 education at current levels.  Proposed cuts of $12.5 billion include stricter corporate taxes, cuts to Medical, Cal works, developmental services, IHSS, etc.  Over $4.65 billion may be found through sale of state properties and leasebacks; elimination of redevelopment agencies and other efficiencies.  The job of Democrats now is to correct 20 years of Republican government in California.


Lori Saldana:  Passed out her campaign information for 2012; over 1 million people in her district to reach.  Her issues will focus on public safety, transportation, energy and water.  Appealed for volunteers for her grassroots campaign.

8:52  Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Davis, Secretary

GENERAL MEETING – January 6, 2011


Meeting called to order at 7:05pm by President Joe Crews.

J. Crews:  Welcome to members and visitors; asked for any items of OLD BUSINESS; none offered.

Stated that items of NEW BUSINESS for tonight were the election of the 2011 Board by members whose dues were paid for 2010 and the opportunity to pay dues for 2011.  Payments were being taken by Jim Dooley and the amount reflected an increase to $15; checks made payable to North County Unity.

C. Freese:  As last action by PAC Chair, Connie announced a CA Democratic Party election to be held Sunday, January 9, at 29681 Avenida Del Sol in Temecula at approximately 2pm. Bob Hamilton, a candidate for the State Party, needs Fallbrook Democrats to appear, pay $5 and cast a vote for his election.  Connie also appealed to members to contact representatives Darryl Issa and Dianne Feinstein to voice opposition to attempts to repeal ANY part of the Obama Healthcare law.

J. Crews:  Commented that none of the elected representatives of Congress would vote to give up their own, government-provided healthcare.  Please note the “troika” in this room:  Bob Hamilton, Mike Byron & Howard Katz; what do they have in common?  All have run against Darryl Issa.  Also present are five former Presidents of the FDC:  Bob Hamilton, Jim Dooley, Jon Monday Connie Freese and myself.

H. Katz:  Thank you to all for support (in the 2010 election).  RE:  early Census results show the 49th district with about 900,000 people; the 45th district with 1.18 million (almost 40% more than the 710,000 population which will represent the redistricting goal.  If a new district is carved from east Riverside County, I will run with no incumbent opposing me.

J. Crews:  If there are no other items of business, we will vote for the new Board by introducing the stated candidates and then asking voting members if they have any alternate nominations to submit from the floor.

For President:  Bob Hamilton; VP: Jack Confrey (well-seasoned, not new to politics); Secretary:  Lynn Davis; PAC:  Abelino Lopez (former officer of the club, not present tonight); Treasurer:  Dale Diamond; Publicity Chair:  this is an appointed position, and one requiring talent; we have selected Diane McAllister. 

(The vote was taken by acclamation for each candidate, in turn.  No alternate nominations were presented, and each candidate received resounding votes of “aye”, concluding the election of the 2011 Board.)

C. Freese:  Thanked Anna Monday for her continued superb service to the Club as webmistress since 2005.

J. Crews:  Turned over the introduction of speaker Mike Byron and the program to new President, Bob Hamilton.

B. Hamilton:  Thank you and congratulations to Joe and the previous Board; congratulations to the new Board.

I have announcements and appointments:  Precinct Organizer:  Mary Thurlow; Local (need titles):  Bill Gould; Michele Bain; Angelique Strahan.  Open positions for Ad-Hoc Committees for: Avocado Festival (no event more important to the Club), Annual Picnic, Holiday Party.  I want us to have fun and be more visible; to talk with the high school (FUHS) regarding a club (we need a contact); and we need two more people in November for audit committees.  And as of November 17th, the audit was done—fine job, Dale.  I want to build a club that is more active, interesting and fun; to work hard and trip up Issa.  I want to put pressure on him.  In a presidential election we got 90,000 votes; Issa got 140,000 then, but he only got 96,000 in the last election.  We need to get other clubs active; to partner with OFA.  If we work hard we can get some help.

J. Monday:  Question about Riverside demographics and redistricting.

B. Hamilton:  We will still be a Republican district, no matter how it is “cut”. We need to get out the vote, as elections are won by preparing in off years.  

H. Katz:  We still need to register thousands to vote.

B. Hamilton:  With lots of work, we could “get” Jeffries, Horn.  Board meetings will be held Monday night following the General Meeting, alternating at my and Michele Bain’s.  The first meeting will be at my house at 7pm.  The next General Meeting will feature Lori Saldana, candidate for the 39th Senate seat.

Introduction of Mike Byron:  Born in Washington DC in 1956; Air Force brat, Navy veteran, Professor of Political Economics; former IRS officer, author, movie career with Warner Brothers as an extra; 2004 candidate against Issa; author; lives in Oceanside.

Mike Byron:   Speaking more as an analyst than a past candidate, will discuss lessons learned from the 2010 mid-term elections.  For Democrats, election results were less than optimal:  Why?

1). Polls showed voters had a more negative opinion of Republicans than of Democrats, yet voted Republican.  Unhappy with lack of delivery by the Administration, voters considered Republicans the only real alternative.

Why unhappy?  Byron described the decline in average income since the 1970s (Gini coefficient); widening of inequality of income which describes the USA today as a 3rd world country.  Although we enjoy more income, the unequal distribution approximates that of Mexico.  Byron explained the historic pressure to reduce the maximum tax rate over the past 50 years, from 91% (1950s) to the 35% today.  However, a 35% tax bracket is not the actual tax paid, as most is categorized by the wealthy as capital gains, which is now taxed at only 15%---much less than most Americans pay.

Continued scaling back of taxes results in deficits; budgets are then slashed to meet the deficit (along with taxes) and budgets get larger to make up the shortfall; education costs become greater.  In 2010, for the first time, student loans exceeded credit card debt in the US.  By outsourcing production, US corporations have gutted labor unions, their influence and political clout.  The systematic rollback of Roosevelt’s New Deal has resulted in an inequitable distribution of wealth equal to the old robber baron days.  Therefore, in the 1980s, decisions were made that without union support, corporations would have to provide campaign funds.  Democrats played that game, too.  What Democrats must understand is that Americans want a traditional Democratic agenda of providing for public welfare in a rational, fiscal way; they want affordable education and national healthcare.  At least half of the opposition to Obama’s bill was that it didn’t go far enough…there was no single payor option.  What we want is a modern version of the New Deal that addresses issues more existential; the survival of the planet; population pressures, dwindling oil supply at the same time billions are industrializing (China & India).  It’s not too late to reinvent the USA with technology and new green energy; we have to keep the lights on; insure a better planet, jobs a decent and humane future.  Leaving those policies has caused the backlash.

Q&A at 8:05pm

B. Hamilton:  Thanked Mike Byron, presented him with an FDC coffee mug; photos.  Meeting adjourned 8:30pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Davis, Secretary



GENERAL MEETING—November 4, 2010


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Joe Crews with a welcome to members and visitors, which included The Halls from the publication “Progressive Post”, Cecil of Oceanside, Bill O’ Conner, et al.  The meeting follows a special 30-minute social time to celebrate the election and the meeting’s speaker, Assemblywoman Fiona Ma.

Howard Katz:  Spoke of election results:  44.8% turnout from a base of 322,000 registered Democrats.  Howard noted that he had picked up half the number of votes that went to his opponent, Darryl Issa; he presented certificates of appreciation to Joe Crews, Bob Hamilton & Mary Thurlow for their work towards his campaign.

J. Crews:  Minutes of the October meeting were posted to website and are displayed here; asked for a motion to approve the minutes; motion made and seconded, carried by vote. 

C. Freese:  As PAC Chair, thanked precinct captains, OFA volunteers, particularly Mary Thurlow, for their get-out-the vote efforts.   The Christmas Party at the Hukilau Restaurant was announced for December 2nd.  Jim Dooley added that the room is reserved from 6-9pm and the buffet service will start approximately 7pm.  Tickets are $30 and payment for 30 attendees is required to hold the reservation; therefore members are urged to purchase tickets early.

J. Crews:  Asked for New & Old Business items;  none forthcoming, therefore asked for motion to close Business portion of the meeting.  Motion made, seconded and carried by show of hands.  Joe asked Bob Hamilton to introduce Fiona Ma.

B. Hamilton:  Fiona Ma is the Assemblywoman from the 12th District; Speaker Pro-Tempore.  As a CPA and former business owner, she became involved in SBA issues and was appointed delegate to the White House during the Clinton administration.  In 2002 she served on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors; in 2006 elected Assemblywoman from San Francisco; in 2008 appointed Majority Whip by Speaker Karen Bass; in 2010 reelected with 80% of the vote.  Fiona (her preferred way to be addressed) has sponsored legislation on such important issues as:  banning toxic chemicals; domestic violence; consumer concerns; hepatitis B; health care issues; equal rights; Proposition 1A—high speed trains.

Fiona Ma:  Thanked Bob, noting that they met at a Democratic Board Executive meeting.  She spoke of attending a caucus meeting that day in Sacramento with newly-elected Democrats, noting that nationally, Democrats lost a total of 500 incumbents in the 11/2 election.  California, however, was the only state to elect a Democratic Governor as well as a full slate of Democrats.  Fiona voiced concern over passage of Prop 26, which requires all fees & fee increases to be approved by a two-thirds vote, saying this would make balancing the budget much more difficult.

Fiona then opened up the remainder of the meeting to questions from the attendees.  Among the issues and concerns raised by members were the following topics: 

·         How can California grow its economy?

·         Banks seem to be prolonging short sales and mortgage commitments; what can “incentivize” banks to work through this?

·         How much power do State legislature committees actually have?

·         Why was a German company selected to construct the Mojave solar project over local firms?

·         Why is the Central Valley first in line to begin high-speed rail construction?

·         Health care—public option; what can we do to bring it to CA?

·         Comment on rumor that Governor Brown will put up a ballot issue to increase taxes in early 2011.

·         Comment on cuts to pensions.

·         How can we fix the way education is funded?

·         How does the election of a Democratic Governor affect redistricting?

·         Can you share some examples of wasteful spending in Sacramento?

·         What can you do to overhaul bureaucratic waste in the educational system?

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 by President Crews.

Respectfully submitted, Lynn Davis (Secretary)



GENERAL MEETING -- July 1, 2010

J. Crews: Meeting called to order at 7:04pm. Introduction, welcome to visitors and new members.
Referral to Minutes of June 3rd meeting posted on portable easel. Request for comments or corrections to Posted Minutes and for motion to approve; J. Dooley moved to approve; C. Freese 2nd; vote carried.

D. Diamond: Treasurer's Report of balance of $2,197.97 reflected June expenses of $500 Scholarship award and$50 contribution to candidate Carl Wood. Dues were received from three members.

Discussion of results of June 8 election; J. Crews referred members to the FDC website and posted letters.

J. Dooley: Membership Report: 59 paid members. Invitation to see Jim to check on dues status and update email list.

C. Freese: Picnic Update. Several handouts described, including signup sheet and Donations for Book Fair & White Elephant Auction. Donated books can be bundled and dropped at Coldwell Banker Landmark Offices at Mission or Main, labeled for Connie Freese. Jim Dooley will include a donation reminder to members in The next email notice for the August General Meeting. Included will be information about the Picnic Date and ticket cost.

PAC information alert: North County club holding a Picnic in Del Mar on July 18th; flyers on table. Urges Members to visit FDC website for link to OFA/Rachel Maddow article/links on Obama's accomplishments.

J. Crews: Asked for member comments on: "What has happened to the peace movement in this country"?
Margaret Wernett: spoke of "Democracy Now" program; John Conyers (D-MI) speech against the war
In Afghanistan.
Steve Kiljanski: spoke of "global connectedness"; recommends Bernie Sanders. Commented that Obama
Is disenfranchising young electorate by condoning drone attacks.
J. Crews: "What was learned from Vietnam"? 

Howard Katz: Candidate for 49th Senate District spoke of opponent Darryl Issa ("..just not interested in us..")'
Howard's appearance in Oceanside's July 3rd Parade; and campaign update (new campaign director
William Donohue, retired officer to interface with military on related issues). 

B. Hamilton: Introduction to Henry Vandermeir, President of California Democratic Council.

Henry Vandermeir: Overview of the June 2010 CA Primary and the implications of those results for November
Strategies for the FDC; how the CDC can work together with us to achieve positive gains.

Mr. Vandermeir presented a comprehensive power point description of the problems facing CA Democrats both historically and in 2010. From a top-down, statewide election analysis to local Club structure, he identified need for change and provided an outline for change within FDC and like clubs. The targeted presentation included many examples and specific strategies for goal-setting, recruitment, outreach to other groups, volunteer organization, and other areas. Q&A followed.

B. Hamilton: Put forward motion to Club to join the CDC; 2nd by D. Diamond; vote passed.
C. Freese: Motion to adjourn; 2nd; passed
J. Crews: Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Lynn Davis, Secretary

General Meeting April , 2010

Joe Crews:  7:10 pm opened meeting with welcome to new member Jack Humphreys who relocated to Fallbrook from Palos Verdes and visitor, Judy Jones, candidate for the State Assembly, district 73, which includes part of Fallbrook.


Judy Jones briefly addressed the membership about the 73rd district and her background in both education and business, including the Peace Corps and a lifelong practice of volunteerism.


Joe Crews: Motion to approve minutes of March 4 meeting, seconded & approved.


Jim Dooley: Email lists. Jim related the bounceback numbers, which were 70% in the last email blast. He called and corrected many of those names and announced that members who would prefer phone calls can request them.


Chris Assad: Scholarship report. VN published an article about the $500 scholarship. Deadline is April 22. Chris and Delores will interview the applicants. At present the scholarship fund has $350. Donations are welcome. Checks should be made out to North County Unity.


Guest Abe Oliveras made a presentation about the Boys & Girls Club of Fallbrook. The club has been in operation since 1962, has several locations in the Fallbrook and Bonsall area and serves about 950 kids a day especially between the hours of 2 to 7, crucial to working parents to help keep kids out of trouble.  Their programs include arts, music, sports, and nutrition.  They are presently renovating their locations and are having an annual fund raiser on April 24. (www.bgcnorthcounty.com or 760-728-5871 for details)


Bob Hamilton: Avocado Festival Sunday April 18th. The club will have a booth and needs volunteers to populate the booth. Local candidates will have literature and support materials available. Some, Paul Clay & Fabio Marichi are expected to be there. Club will also do Voter Registration. Best opportunity for Club to be seen by community.


Mary Thurlowe: Next Saturday is a community canvassing day.


Joe Crews: Club picnic will take place early September, probably 1st or 2nd Saturday.


Connie Freese: A brief talk about Midge Costanza, who recently passed away. There will be a Memorial Service on April 24.


Roosevelt dinner great event/fund raiser featuring California Secretary of State Deborah Bowen April 10.


Organizing for America: members should look into joining and getting regular emails from Barrack Obama.


VN letters to Editor are almost exclusively from conservatives. We musn’t get complacent.


Picnic: We need 2 co-chairs and a Silent Auction organizer. Someone from the floor pointed out that it’s difficult to commit to a job without confirmation of the date.


Jon Monday: Suggested the Board look into solar power pitch, from which the Club could benefit if there are buyers of systems.


Joe Crews: Introduced Sharlene Hamilton’ s presentation on Clean Elections, campaign finance reform.


Sharlene Hamilton presented a video on Green Elections hosted by Bill Moyers followed by the specifics about Prop 18, which will be on the June Ballot and Q&A. Film focused on Arizona & Maine, which have successful green election laws in place. Opens up political office to a wider range of people and parties & frees politicians from the constant “dialing for dollars.”


Discussion: Supreme Court decision on FEC v. Citizen’s United opened doors for unlimited corporate money in campaigns. Prop 15 is a pilot program that affects only Secretary of State and is financed not taxpayers but by upping registration fees for lobbyists from $12.50 to $350.  Subsequent offices will raise funds from other sources related to the office. More information at www.publiccampaign.org

& sign petition www.caclean.org/petition .


Update on voting machines: ES&S attempted to buy Diebold. However, this would mean that one company controlled 80% of all voting machines so DOJ stopped the sale. However, ES&S had already gutted Diebold, so for this next election cycle, one company owns 80% of all machines.


8:30 Joe Crews moved to adjourn meeting, seconded & passed.


Notes by

Anna Monday

General Meeting March 4, 2010

J. Crews:  7:00 pm opened meeting with welcome to visitors Kathleen Hamilton, Jerri Arganda and Fred Bartz.

Comments about the Candidate's Forum and "world premiere" of Laurenn Barker's quarry video.

D. Diamond:  Treasurer's Report:  $80 dues rec'd.; $85 membership pmt to FB Chamber of Commerce; $60 dues . Payment to the SDCounty Demo Party left current balance of $2610.97.  Motion to approve report 2nd; vote carried.

Mary Thurlow:  GO Team committee coordinator for Fallbrook, described GO Team activities (walking precincts, working phone banks, promoting mail-in voters) and invited volunteers to March 13 meeting at her home. Signup sheet was passed around.

J. Crews:  Scholarship update from Chris Assad.  Chris described effort with Delores Feicht in creating a package for FUHS that will be posted to their/our websites soon.  The $500 will be awarded following interview of the 5 top qualifiers.  Forthcoming press release to state April 22nd applicant deadline; packets available now for interested parties.

C. Assad:  Introduction of Laurenn Barker; neighbor, friend, flower grower, formerly worked with environmental companies in Texas. Laurenn Barker:  Tennessee native living in proximity to mining/quarrying destruction; coal ash filling waterways, etc., created a video to illustrate destructive effects on environment if Liberty quarry is approved.  Short Q&A followed.

J. Crews:  Read comments on quarry and introduced Bob Hamilton as moderator for the Candidates' Forum. R. Hamilton:  Introduction of Howard Katz, Candidate for the 49th Congressional District.  Noted his international career in South America, Europe. Howard is active in the Southwestern California Democratic Club in Temecula.

H. Katz:  Spoke against proposed Liberty quarry; in favor of social contract between govt and public; that govt rules & regulations  help the country function; that taxes support the govt, therefore, us.  Republicans see taxes as an affliction; Democrats see them as an investment in the future.  Howard spoke of his background abroad as expanding his perspective.  Q&A followed.

R. Hamilton:  Introduction of Douglas Dye, Candidate for the 66th Assembly District held by Kevin Jeffries.  Doug was campaign manager for Laurel Nichols. D. Dye:  Several handouts for budget vote on simple majority, petition gathering, to repair CA State Constitution (non- partisan) and single payer health care ( www.healthcareforall.com ), clean money campaign finance to provide matching funds for candidates demonstrating evidence of popularity.  Q&A followed.

R. Hamilton:  Introduction of Paul Clay, Candidate for the 36th State Senate District of CA, a teacher, and very active in the SW Riverside Democratic Club. P. Clay:  Spoke against Liberty quarry, which is promoted as a "$16 mill cut in cost of granite material".  Paul said that due to an estimated net LOSS of 200 jobs, that $15 million is likely due to a cut in payroll.  As a teacher, very concerned about violence, crime in schools, they are a microcosm of our state; that administration has doubled in size and cost in two years.  Q&A followed.

R. Hamilton:  Introduction of Fabio Marchi, Candidate for SD County Board of Supervisors 5th District, held by Bill Horn.

  F. Marchi:   Fiscal conservative looking for direct response of constituents' concerns. Born & raised in Argentina under various dictatorships; chose educational future as an electrical engineer who wanted democracy in a climate of 600% inflation.  BOS is funded with a 5million annual tax allocation including a 2 million annual "discretionary fund" allocation.  Fabio asked for donations and support.  Q&A followed.

  R. Hamilton:  Appealed for donations to all candidates; as well as volunteer support.   Mentioned FDR Dinner with the SD Democrats.

J. Crews:   Asked L. Davis to comment on request from representative who appeared tonight with a request for support of a grant submission by the Fallbrook Boys & Girls Club.  Lynn reported that the Club rep would appear at Monday's Board Meeting with their request.

J. Crews:;   Announced April meeting speakers on the California Fair Elections Act.  Thanked Candidates and speakers and moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:30pm;  2nd and carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Davis, Secretary



General Meeting: February 4, 2010

President J. Crews: Called meeting to order at 7pm with a welcome to new members & visitors
Motion to approve Minutes of January meeting was made; second; vote

D. Diamond: Treasurer's Report: $210 collected at January meeting; balance is $2466.77

J. Crews: Motion to approve Treasurer's Report; second, vote

C. Freese: PAC Report. Members will receive monthly email with letter attachment to be signed and sent to elected officials. EPA is reviewing Gregory Cyn issues. Introduction to
Rolf vom Dorp of Organizing for America.

Rolf vom Dorp: CA native resided in Sweden; returned to US to organize for Obama campaign. OFA is now a federal organization at grassroots level to support Obama policies & agenda. Now in 49/50 states, OFA uses phone/canvassing; will work with GO TEAM in FB & Bonsall. Mary Thurlow will host a phonebank on Feb 20. Rolf's OFA website will link to FDC website.

Avocado Festival is April 18th. Volunteers are needed to register voters. Will pass around
A volunteer list.

J. Crews: If no other items of new business, move to close business portion of meeting; 2nd & vote.

J. Crews: Tracy Emblem, Democratic Candidate for US Congress, 50th District is an appellate attorney. She has many endorsements from labor and a particularly important endorsement from the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA), a group formed in 2004 by Howard Dean an Dennis Kucinich. They are strong supporters of the single payer health care plan and campaign finance reform.

Tracy Emblem: Spent her growing years in Escondido since 1964, becoming politically active in 1996. Husband, Thor, was vice-chair of the Democratic Party; Tracy spent 5 years with League of Women  Voters. Completed law school at night while raising 7 children. She has prepared for a political career since 2002; the time is now, as the issues defining this race are inland, affecting working people. This will not be a television campaign, but grassroots. Opponent Brian Bilbray is on The House Oversight Committee. We are looking for waste in subsidies; also analyzing his record and strategies on immigration reform. We are reaching out to Pendleton & veterans.

War is the #1 problem facing our nation, and the one from which all others have grown to affect our economy. (Cited budget base for Iraq/Afghan war; proposed increases; comparison to other countries, China). We need to stop the war and bring troops home.

Q&A: Discussion of campaign strategies, canvassing. Emblem explained difference in policy to Francine Busby's platform at length. Highlighted key election issues for SD County as jobs (green); water,  sustainable energy; consumer protection; HEALTH CARE; veterans' benefits.

Her website: http://tracyemblemforcongress.com/ 

J. Crews: Adjourned meeting at 8:20pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Davis, Secretary 

J. Crews: Thanked the members & Tracy Emblem. Q&A ended at 8:20 and meeting was adjourned.



General Meeting:  January 7, 2010


Vice President Diamond:  Called meeting to order at 7pm with a welcome to new members & visitors

                         Motion to approve Minutes of December meeting was made; second; vote

J. Dooley:   Treasurer's Report:  $2876.91 previous balance

                                                   502.98   receipts (dues, royalty, Dinner payments)

                                                  -913.52   expenses (Hukilau payment)

                                                $ 2466.37 current balance

D. Diamond:  Motion to approve Treasurer's Report; second, vote

J. Crews:   Publicity Report. Joe first thanked the Ramirez's for their generous service to the Club.

                 Provided information on February speaker, Assembly Member Lori Saldana.

D. McKinney:  Membership Report


Bob Hamilton:  The 2010 State Platform is open for comment/suggested language

Until Feb 1, 2010. Bob read a description of the redistricting position; urged members to visit Website,  www.cadem.org .    


ELECTIONS:  Ballots listing Candidates announced at December Meeting will be distributed

                     Following our speaker's presentation, and Elections held.

D. Diamond:  If no other items of new business, move to close business portion of meeting; 2nd & vote.

R. Hamilton:     Introduction to Howard Katz, candidate for the 49th Congressional District. 

H. Katz:       Referred to his website, background, local support. Spoke of his position as "left of center"

                 And mentioned his belief in a 'social contract".  Q&A held until after meeting.

R. Hamilton:  Introduction to General David Brahms, retired US Marine Corps Brigadier General; former

              Director, JAG and currently in private practice in Carlsbad, CA. He serves on the Board of

              Directors of the Judge Advocates Assn.  General Brahms has received the Bronze Star and

               Legion of Merit. 

General Brahms:  A self-described "genetic Democrat", Brahms spoke extensively of Guantanamo

               —background details of legal & political issues under the last administration and

             Problems facing the current one as it seeks to close the prison. Brahms quoted Eric Westerfield

            In a 2003 interview:"we follow the rule of law when it's hard; we must show our way is different—that

            Our way is worthy of being embraced".

            The General spoke passionately also of the need to abolish the "don't ask, don't tell" policy and

            Install equal rights for gay members of the military.  He urged the FDC to become active by

            Contacting legislators to act on these issues as well as urging more funding for returning veterans

             Suffering PTSD and traumatic brain injury.  They total over 600,000.  He finished with the admonition

            To become politically active, saying "our country needs your voices".  Q&A followed.

D. Diamond:  Introduced candidates for 2010 Board; ballots were distributed, marked and collected.  Results

Tallied and confirmed election of: J. Crews, R. Hamilton, D. Diamond, C. Freese & L. Davis.  Chris Assad was introduced as the new Publicity Chair & Jim Dooley as the new Membership Chair.

The meeting is now turned over to the new President, Joe Crews.

J. Crews:  Thanked the members & General Brahms and adjourned the meeting at 8:30pm.

Respectfully submitted by Lynn Davis, Secretary.